An L.A. Look Into the American Uprising, Gay Pride & Self Exploration with Model Shaun Ross

Image of model Shaun Ross on a black background

There is a massive uprising around the world for the first time in our adult lives.

Are you watching, marching, listening, and using your voice?

Supermodel and singer Shaun Ross shares a LIVE perspective of what's happening in Downtown Los Angeles with the protests and how he's feeling about the overall need for change and respect of the black community in this feature episode for June's LGBTQ Pride Month.

Shaun shares honest messages from the heart about racism, growing up gay in New York, coming out as a teenager, and gives us a raw and unique look into POSTivism and the Hollywood elite. In a time where we have all been self-reflective, Shaun shares his story of self-exploration, highlighting his passion for making music. Shaun even sings a few versus of a meaningful song off his new upcoming album SHIFT. Tune in for this very special episode of the Conscious Kitchen.

Shaun Ross is an American model, recording artist, and actor. He is known for his work in the fashion world as the first professional male model with the congenital disorder albinism. Ross has worked with various fashion designers, magazines and campaigns, including Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Vogue, GQ, and others. 

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