Moved by an unwavering love for the Earth, an ardent connection to animals, and a deep enthusiasm for the healing power of plants, Elizabeth Garcia has traversed various paths of spiritual healing.

Elizabeth is a Colombian-American herbalism graduate of the School of the Sacred Wild and a dedicated third-year apprentice in the wise woman tradition and a trained end of life, death doula by INELDA (International End-of-Life Doula Association). She embraces a deep understanding and a   profound appreciation of the healing power we hold within.

After experiencing the heartache of years of infertility, she embarked on a transformation through herbal medicine. Guided by a diverse array of teachers and healing modalities, she discovered a path to peace and acceptance after experiencing the loss of her daughter in February 2023.

The profound highs and lows of her own miscarriages and challenges, interwoven with the medicine discovered within grief, unfolded a new chapter in Elizabeth's life. While attending and seeing the benefits of virtual support groups, her heart grew with inspiration to create in-person spaces for collective grief work. As an emerging grief worker in Los Angeles, she hosts community support groups and grief circles.


girl holding a basket of herbs outside in the sun