Subscription Bed Sheets? Everything you need to know.

For years every time we bought bedsheets we tried so hard to find a way to recycle our old ones.

Some facts. Textile waste currently makes up 5% of landfill space, and the average American throws away 83 pounds of textiles every year

It feels like such a waste to throw away cotton and fabric that in many ways, is still usable, but why is there no company gathering this material and making into something great? We don't have the answer to that question, but we do have an alternative to buying new sheets doomed to end up in the landfill.

Enter Coyuchi. An organic cotton and natural furnishing company that is committed to sustainability and who uses minimally processed organic & natural fibers. Beyond their product line, Coyuchi seeks vendors who use sustainable manufacturing practices, like water recycling, renewable energy, and reduced waste. For us purchasing Coyuchi sheets was a no brainer.

Scrolling through their website we saw a subscription tab. Subscription sheets? Now there's an idea! Coyuchi created a circular system that closes the loop on bedsheets. Here's how it goes.

Step 1: You choose the sheets you want. 

Step 2: You choose how often you want to get new sheets. 

Step 3: You pay a small monthly fee (starting as low at $7 a month) for your sheets, so you don't technically own them, you're renting. 

Step 4: You're new sheets arrive, and you enjoy them for your set subscription time.

Step 5: You send the linens back in a provided return kit, and Coyuchi will renew, upcycle, or recycle them. 

That's it. We found someone to take our old bedsheets and give them life again! 

Now here is a review of the actual product. 

We did the 2-year subscription for the 300CT Sateen Sheets, and we went with Undyed which is a pretty, natural off white/beige tone. We pulled them out and threw them in the washer, covered our mattress, and were instantly in love with the softness of the material. Since we opened the package, we've washed our sheets 3x, and it feels like they're getting softer as we go. In terms of quality, we love these sheets and can't wait to be able to update you as our bedsheets get worn in.

We were lucky to be able to try out their Organic Cotton Comforter, which isn't a part of the subscription service but will hopefully last us for a decade. Cozy and warm, we're thoroughly enjoying our night of sleep decked out in Coyuchi and look forward to hanging out in bed more often than before. 

We must note that, Coyuchi doesn't only have sheet subscriptions, they also do towels and duvets 😍We love everything about this brand and their subscription business model. We hope you guys are down to join in on the eco-living lifestyle, we create a lot of waste and we have to redefine how business is done

More to come on our switch to a more eco-friendly bedroom, mattresses next?



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Subscription Bed Sheets 🛏 ♻️ There are sheets that make you want to stay in bed. That’s what @coyuchi makes. A variety of home products made of responsibly sourced organic cotton, #Coyuchi has been around for 28 years and they’re redefining how we look at purchasing bedsheets. 💤 For years every time we bought sheets we would try hard to find a way to recycle our old ones. It felt like such a waste to throw away cotton/potential upcycling material that in many ways is worthy of use. So we did the research. Searched and wondered if subscribing to bed sheets was a good fit for us. And then we remembered that an eco-friendly lifestyle takes redefining the ”normal” shopping experience, and why not pay monthly for bed sheets that would later be guaranteed a second, up-cycled life. ☁️ Read more about @coyuchi on

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