Women's Sustainable Swimwear Brands

If you're like me, you fluctuate in sizes from summer to summer, but you also love a perfect fitting bathing suit. So what's a girl to do?

I've found that over the years, though some suits might not fit me the following year, it might fit the year after that. With years of potential use in mind, I always strive to get high-quality swimwear that will last.

But wait, more importantly, I need a bathing suit that fits my style and is produced ethically with recycled or organic materials. New swimwear has to meet these parameters; otherwise, catch me on eBay bidding on vintage two-pieces all day long. And don't give me any of those greenwashing "ethical" companies, I can smell them through the screen.

So what's my style? Sexy bathing suits, sexy two-piece bikinis, retro bathing suits, high waisted bottoms, and of course, gimme those high leg waisted bathing suits. They genuinely do a beautiful job of giving you those long legs we all covet.

So here we go! I've done all the research, scrolled through hours of suits, to compile some of the best looking styles out there. My favorite ethical swimwear companies for 2020 and beyond are below. Enjoy!

Sinipesa Swim

woman with blonde hair holding a basket of lemons wearing a moss green two piece bathing suit

Onda Triangle Top in Seagrass

black woman wearing a baby blue two piece bathing suit with oranges around her

Onda Triangle Top in Breeze

Vege Threads

woman standing in front of a red rock background wearing a green high waisted two piece bathing suit

Eco Swim High Full Brief

Eco Swim Twist Top

Mara Hoffman

Lua Bikini Top


 Goldie Bikini Bottom

Arrow and Phoenix

woman holding a fan wearing a red one piece bathing suit

Elle One Piece

Woman leaning on a rock with hands up wearing a purple two piece bikini 

Kyle Bottoms

Jade Swim



Lana Bottom Terry



Natasha Tonic

woman inside her house sitting in the sun on the floor wearing a half white and half black one piece bathing suit

Side Cut Ying & Yang

green tye die two piece bikini

One String Bikini Bottom, Dart Frog Green

Amara Tulum

backside of woman wearing a black two piece bikini

On the Sea Bottom

Elle Evans Swimwear




Wolven Threads

woman sitting on ground wearing a pink and baby blue two piece bathing suit

Echo One Shoulder Top

woman sitting on ground wearing a once piece bathing suit with a tan mandala in the middle

Noor Straight–Neck One Piece

Aren't all of these bathing suits lovely?! I obviously have my favorites from this list, what are yours?

Tell me in the comments below! Happy shopping, happy swimming.




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