What the hell is ethical, vegan fashion?


Lettuce dresses, kale bikinis? Though vegetable skirts would be tite, veggie dresses aren't exactly what we're going to discuss here.

Vegan fashion has gone mainstream. But what does it actually mean?

Wool, silk, down, cashmere, leather, suede, fur, snakeskin, it all comes from animals, and none of it is considered vegan.

Vegan fashion is defined as clothing, accessories, and apparel not derived from animal skin, hair, or feathers. Vegans and conscious consumers avoid these materials due to the violent nature of the industries who kill animals for fashion. Down feathers are plucked from live ducks, foxes are electrocuted anally, snakes skinned alive, sheep treated as if they weren't even a living being, the stories can go on. We encourage you to search Google and watch videos like this to learn the truth. In addition to the violence, the rampant waste of resources within the fashion industry is a topic that keeps environmentalists up at night.

Now, let's move on to ethical vegan fashion. When we say ethical, we mean produced by a company that is paying fair wages while providing a safe environment to workers. Ethical also means a company is upholding environmentally conscious standards and practices while producing their goods. From material to product shipping, it's essential to think of each step something has to take to get in your hands.

We've put this list together to show you some of the brands we admire. They're eco, green, compassionate companies you want to support. This list will continue to grow, so keep an eye out. 

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Shop your values with

Galerie LA 

Boots, sandals, and shoes

from Bhava Studio


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Dearest @bhavastudio, thank you for making the white booties of my dreams. Been looking everywhere for a pointy white boot and these are fulfilling all my #VeganFashion needs ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Underwear from 

Azura Bay


Shirts, jackets, gowns, and dresses from 

Vaute Couture 


Waist-bags, backpacks, and laptop cases from

Sans Beast 


Boots, sandals, and shoes from 

Susi Studio 


Boots, sandals, and shoes from 

Nicora Shoes


Handbags from

Gunas NY


Mens shoes from



Handbags and waist-bags from 

HFS Collective


Robes and scarves from

Block Shop


Recycled cotton t-shirts and sweaters from

Everybody World 


Organic cotton basics, dresses, shirts from 

Groceries Apparel 


Sandals, boots, and more shoes from 



Backpacks made of recycled tires from

Siklo Pilipinas 


Handbags and backpacks from

Von Holzhausen 


Dresses, pants, and tops from

Selva Negra


Did we miss your favorite brand? Tell us in the comments!

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