Japan: Vegan Food, Travel Tips, & More

Our Japan Travel Guide came as a need and resulted in this beautiful guide of what to eat, where to go, and what to do in Japan.


Ramen at
Vegans Cafe, Kyoto
Ice Cream at
Vegans Cafe, Kyoto
Temple streetfood at 

Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto

Traditional Japanese Food at
Nomin Cafe, Shimo-Kitazawa Station
Japanese Food at
8ablish, Shibuya, Tokyo
Ramen at
Ramen Ouka, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Japanese Food at
Bio Cafe, Harajuku, Tokyo
Falafel at
Kuumba du Falefel, Shibuya, Tokyo
Burger & Fries at
Ain Soph Ripple, Shibuya, Tokyo
Japanese Food at 
Organic Vegetarian Cafe Atl



We shop thrifted even when we're traveling. It's very rare for us to purchase a new piece of clothing even in another country because... thrifting around the world is what we do. You won't have a problem buying second hand, vintage goods in Japan. Be sure to make a stop at Shimo-kitazawa Station.



Arigato: thank you
Domo Arigato: thanks so much 
Sumimasen: excuse me 
Kon'nichiwa: hello 
Konbanwa: good evening 
Wakarimasen: I don't know
Biru: beer 

🤷‍♀️   & WHAT ELSE?

Japan is such a special place. The culture of respect runs deep, here are some general tips and some things to avoid.

  • Japan is quiet- the Japanese don't run around the city yelling into their cellphones and there's something peaceful about that. Don't take calls unless you're at home or it's an emergency. You'll see everyone texting, be sure to step aside when you're going to text a friend. Be respectful and aware.
  • No trash bins- we don't suggest eating on the run. Not only is it frowned upon to walk and eat or eat in train stations, there are no trash bins on the streets so that means you're gonna be holding that trash for a while.
  • Train tips- don't speak loudly, make calls, yell at your friend across the way, or eat on the train. Japan's trains are extremely clean and at times can be congested, be mindful that you are sharing space. Public transportation is a way of life in Japan, don't take up more room than you need. If you have large bags be considerate and place them on your lap or close to your feet. No purses and bags on seats. 
  • Style tips- wear whatever you want! Japan's style is unique, fresh, vibrant, and if there was ever a place to experiment with your look, Japan is the spot. Have fun layering and mixing colors, you'll see that the Japanese really into fashion and all things unique.
  • Tipping- don't tip at restaurants. It's rude in Japan to tip and we've heard it's likely that a chef or server will chase you outside to return money if you leave any behind. The service in Japan is great and you can expect nothing but smiles. Enjoy it.
  • Shoes- wear nice and comfortable socks. If you're invited into someone's home you will need to leave your shoes at the door. Hey, you may even need to check your shoes in at the door to a restaurant, so wear socks you'd be happy for people to see, none with big holes in the toe, right guys?
Enjoy Japan & all it's beauty. Domo arigato for visiting our guide.
with love,
Elizabeth & Chris

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